Sunday, May 1, 2011

I miss you Edie...Happy Birthday!

It’s been seven months and it feels like yesterday. My heart is still broken because God took you away. In my heart I know you are in the Lord’s hands, and for you my dear, you deserve such a resting place. I long for our conversations, your guidance and prayers. I miss you telling me to not look at my problems, but to call one of my friends who needs encouraging. You always knew what God would want me to do. But you're not here anymore to tell me those things and I miss you so much.

My tears are a constant reminder of a love so true, so dear and so pure. I love you mommy and I wish you were still here with me. My faith has only grown stronger on each passing day. It has too as you were the greatest example of long suffering I’ll ever know. Your triumphs and trials were a blessing to so many and showed us how to remain strong through it all. Your heartaches and pains were vast and many, but you always remained in the admonition of God who comforted you.

You expressed and loved unconditionally and only wanted the best for not only your children but for everyone. I strive to have the faith, love and charity you exhibited throughout your lifetime.

You left behind many people who love, adore and prayed endlessly for you and who miss you greatly. The grief is unbearable sometimes, but we still continue as we know that we all will have to go someday, but pray that we too will be in heaven where you eternally rest.

I love you Edie, yearn for your guidance, but know for myself that God is my light and in him shall I trust. Happy Birthday, I miss you so much.


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