Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Selfishness of Man

The Selfishness of Man
That he would think that WoMAN is his forever;
That he would think a WoMAN is the leader and he is the follower;
The he would think submission is forced and knows not of God’s intent;
That he would think with anatomy parts that were made for creation;
That he would think less of children and more of himself;
That he would think less of what he thinks but more of what he wears.
That he would think, destroying, conniving, scheming, concocting, not creating, building, nourishing, investing and flourishing.
That he would think himself higher than The Most High God;
The Selfishness of Man

Sunday, January 24, 2010

God the Protector

Last night while I was home alone I stood in a chair to open the ceiling vent to get more heat circulating in the room. When I stepped down out of the chair, my foot was entangled in it somehow and I fell on the floor. KABOOM, bottom first. (I can thank the NCCU School of Education building for the two flights of stairs I take daily that have given me the new cushion on my bottom for buffering the fall. Those stairs are just as good as a stair master. ) And then BOOM back of the head hitting the lightly padded carpet in my living room, but feeling as though my head hit a soft concrete slab. At the moment I saw stars and was frightened I’d pass out and no one would know. But as I rolled over on my stomach I realized that I was ok, I had been protected by God. I kept still until the throbbing in my head stopped.
I remember thinking all night “now what was that all about.” Why was it necessary for me to fall out of the chair and bang my head so hard on the living room floor? I don’t know, but I’m one of those people who has to have an answer for everything. I’ve always been that way. So today, I found my answer.
My sister said to me yesterday, you asked to be in God’s Will. Well yes I have. And that got me to thinking. When I pray, I’ve prayed for God, to lead, guide and protect me and my children, family and friends. But are those merely words or do I actually expect that God would do what I ask?
I believe as I’m moving into another phase in my life, God is requiring me to understand fully who he is. One of the ways He’s asking me to acknowledge Him is God the Protector. No matter what calamity I may encounter, I believe God wants me to recognize the He’s got me and mine. And for that I am truly appreciative.
I’m learning that as I pray for God’s Will, I am relinquishing all power to Him and relying upon his judgment to reign supreme in my life. Great place to be, but realize that “my” will is nonexistent when I ask for His Will to be done and His Will is the only Will I need in this journey we call life.

Ahhhh, this thing about 50…

Age ain’t nothing but a number so many have said over the years. Fifty is the new 30, I’ve heard. And just recently my daughter said fifty is the new 20. Too funny, because what some people fail to realize is the age 50 is fifty. It is what it is.
January 25, 2010 I will celebrate my fiftieth birthday and I am proud to become a member of the fifty and older club. As a matter of fact, I’ll volunteer to be the president that’s how proud I am to be in this club.
Don’t laugh you’ll be there or have already gotten there by God’s grace. But have you determined (if you’re there), that the next fifty years will be much better than the last? I have, mainly because I understand now what the first fifty years were about. Now that maturity, experience, longsuffering, relationship building, forgiving and nurturing have all run their race in my life, I must take hold of the baton and round the corner to the finish line.
The next fifty years are all about completing the purpose and fulfilling the destiny for why I was born into this world fifty years ago. I’ve known for many years what my purpose and destiny are, but I haven’t been able to pinpoint how to begin the journey. I’ve prayed, I’ve been faithful to the vision, I’ve worked toward goals that I felt were related, but it wasn’t time. This year, 2010 is the time. I feel it deep down in my Soul. So I ask for your prayers as I know the time is near for the journey to begin.
I believe that as this milestone is turned, a new fresh anointing is given for the birthing of the plan to accomplish the purposes of God in my life. I vow to draw neigh as it is His undying love for ALL people that he’s purposed his Will in our lives.
God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost will surely lead guide and protect me through the next fifty as he has during the first fifty.
I embrace the second half of my life with a great big hug and a big juicy kiss. I am happy to see ya fifty welcome…don’t take a seat because we’ve got places to go, people to see and things to do!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Love Poem

Why not feel love
Breathe Love
Look love
Smell love
Read love
Relate love
Receive love
Release love
Honor love
Be love
Behold love
Appreciate love
Adore love
Determine love
Consider love
Embrace love
Exalt love
Distribute love
Know love
Greet love
Bring love
Hear love
Speak love
Love love!