Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Daily Revolution

  My daily revolution begins waking up every morning a black woman in America.  Thanking God first, but praying  that the day to day activities and achievements of my people are not in vain; That their contributions don’t go unnoticed because of stereotypical images viewed all too often in the media.  

My daily revolution accelerates when the accomplishments of my people seemingly are   mostly acknowledged or recognized as laudable careers by our children only when a basketball or football jersey is worn.  Dropping a CD or debuting a music video garners the same amount of attention; but education, science and math scholars are few and far between. 

My daily revolution is filled with watching a world, which I am in, publically castrate and demean a leader because of the color of his skin.  But whose leadership and policy I watch read and dissect in order to show him approved without bias.

My daily revolution involves viewing a people stagnate because of poverty, teen aged pregnancy and the lack of education. Viewing young people without respect for their elders, themselves, life or the lives of others; children growing up without both the male and yes female parent not in the home.   

My daily revolution consists of backbiting, ruthless, liars and cheats.  People who don’t love each other and would much rather demean, maim and kill each other before they choose to walk in the Fruits of the Spirit (i.e. love, peace, kindness.)

My daily revolution is to uphold justice and fight against injustice wherever it is present in my path.  Stands up for the rights of those who are defenseless and use education and information as a means to spread power to the powerless and hope to the hopeless.

My daily revolution means that I hold up the blood stained banner that was passed on generations ago. That I open my mouth and speak truth where there are untruths, that I bring to the light that which is harmful and being hidden in the dark; that I plant seeds in all human kind regardless of race, socioeconomic background or their ability to give me back what I give to them.

My daily revolution motivates me to run on, encourages my journey and reminds me that the struggle continues, but that it’s not my revolution, but the revolution is the Lord's.

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