Sunday, December 6, 2009

Focus on our Children

There is a video circulating with babies and young children performing lewd dancing moves while being encouraged by adults to dance this way.

Most of us are offended by what we see. I believe that when we are so disgusted by something that we feel we have little control over, we should do something lest we are part of the problem. I am praying that for every person who is offended by this...they will volunteer to be a mentor to a child. So many children need someone who is morally upstanding to teach them acts of kindness, love and respect for themselves. Then and only then I believe what we see on this video will become less and not more.

I wrote the words above almost 2 months ago on FaceBook and since that time I was compelled to write what is below and post it on FaceBook...sadly enough, I've only gotten two people to reply to the post below...and btw, neither were the people who originally complained to me about the video and asked "why I would post such a only promotes such behavior". I hope my words compel you to act. Thank you.

Recently there have been a number of videos on FaceBook which have shown children dancing in very provocative ways, using vulgar language and physically fighting each other with the intent to hurt or maimed.

I have shared them with my friend list to bring awareness to these very disturbing trends as they relate to the growing number of children who choose violence to solve their problems. As well, I feel it is very important for us to understand that children at younger ages are being exposed to words and actions that even some adults blush at.

Ok…fast forward…WE KNOW these issues exists…so how can we help our children who seem to be in crisis for a variety of reasons that I won’t even begin to discuss. Why? Because I’m tired of talking about it…I’m ready to put a plan in action and I need each of you to assist.

I am inviting you to be a part of an inaugural mentor program at Kestrel Heights School in Durham, NC. It doesn’t cost you anything, but a minimum of 15-30 minutes of your time a week on the low end and you determine the high end.

The Richard Brown We Care Mentor Program is named in the memory of my brother-in-law Richard Brown who passed away in October 2009. Richard was the first person signed up to be a mentor for this program before his transition.

This program will benefit Kestrel Heights School 12th Graders in Durham, NC. and is a non-traditional program in which you are responsible for making contact once a week with your mentee via a social networking site like, My Space, Twitter, or FaceBook, by telephone, e-mail or in person. It doesn’t matter what format of communication you use or for how long, just as long as you fulfill your duty to building a relationship with the student. The goal is for the student to realize that there is somebody who will help them to maneuver through their 12th grade year and the many opportunities and obstacles they will encounter.

Many of us have families of our own, I have two daughters in high school, but for those children, who have no one there to help them along, they will be greatly helped through this program and feel good to know that there are people out there who care. Additionally, for those parents who have been telling their child that they have to be on-time, look the part, speak the part, act more mature, your presence in their life and interaction with these students will reinforce what the parent has been teaching their child.

At the end of the day, whatever you are able to share with your student, will help them to grow, mature and prayerfully go on to college, trade school or begin to work in their area of interest. It is my prayer that these students also continue to remain in contact with you after graduation because you’ve proven to be someone they can count on for advice and assistance. The ultimate goal here is for these same students to become mentors once they are working and at a point where they have something to contribute back to the 12th graders at Kestrel.

There are many ways to communicate now a days…so there’s NO excuse.

Will you come along side of me and STAND UP for the youth of today!? Please consider my request, as we can continue to complain about what young people do or are not doing or we can choose to help one through this program.

Sign up below. And send back to me or e-mail it to me here on FB or at Students will be paired up with people who work in fields that they are interested in majoring in or that have an interest in.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Warmest regards,


Cut and past info below and e-mail it to me at


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E-mail address: ________________________________________

Job title: _______________________________________________

Employer: _______________________________________________

Phone number: _______________________________


Odessa Inc. said...

Testing...Is this thing on?

Damond Nollan said...

Sign me up. I think this is a marvelous idea!

Odessa Inc. said...

Damond, I am working on the legal paperwork which I'm expecting to have complete and ready to give to you by mid Feb. Thanks for your interest and willingness to serve.