Saturday, March 13, 2010


I just gave myself the biggest most warm and loving hug and was inspired to write this piece because so many of us don’t like who we are, because we are “to this or too that” , “not enough this or not enough that”. We have allowed others to label, demoralize, taunt and abuse us to the extent we hate and abuse ourselves. ENOUGH ALREADY! Love you for who God made you to be, respect yourself so you can respect others. When you love yourself, you will be surprised who will love you back.

I love the living, breathing creature God made me. Full of errors and flaws, but willing to be all God has called me to be. With God ALL things are possible, so those things that I need to work on I ask God for his guidance and direction. As it is Him I aim to please; not you, not me, but Him. Why? Because he loved me first before I even knew what love was. And guess what, he took me as his child…regardless of what my sins were/are and despite my weaknesses.

I love the woman I have become, and yes it does matter what man says about me to a degree because I am an ambassador of Christ and made in his image. But I don’t look for man’s approval of me anymore. I let His light shine for all men/women to see, I am prayerful it is pleasing in God’s eyesight. Good, bad or indifferent I am His and I LOVE ME.

“The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I am He who comes to deliver and save so that you (we) could have eternal life”, says the Lord. I’ll take eternal life thank you very much. That’s how much I LOVE ME. Yes, I plan on spending eternal life with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. So I LOVE God first, me second, my family third and then all other.

Love, peace and blessing to you. Love yourself as God loved you FIRST!


Michele Johnson said...

It is so easy to lose yourself and who you are meant to be trying to please others. God accepts and loves us and I am so thankful for His precious love.

Edie said...

Amen Michele.