Sunday, February 21, 2010


What’s so “PRO” about procrastination? It’s a negative. There is nothing “pro” about putting off today what you can do tomorrow. As NIKE has so vividly branded in our minds, hearts and thoughts, JUST DO IT! I chuckle as I write those words because I also very vividly saw the NIKE logo run through my mind as I typed the words, JUST DO IT. But I digress and will save that subject matter for another blog piece.

I hate being a procrastinator, especially when there is an urgency or deadline due. It seems that the most important things on my list of “Things to do” are usually the ones that get shoved so far back in the back of my mind that when I do remember or have the time, I should have done them earlier so I’m not down to the final wire or crunch time.

BUT…I will say, I work so much better under pressure. I know that’s the “procrastinators” creed. Although it is better to be more disciplined, my creative juices and energies seem to be turned on by the mere fact that it’s got to be done and DONE NOW!

I remember recognizing my mired ways when a freshman in college and I pulled my first all nighter, writing a research paper in one night. HA! What a joke. I remember I met the deadline and I usually do, it’s just the undo pressure I put on my self to perform and to perform with an excellent outcome that bothers even me. When and how do we demand more of ourselves and determine that we are not going to allow that part of us rule and reign?

I believe that God gives us grace in those instances, but it is up to us to take the first step to show God that we are serious about turning around a point of action in our lives that clearly is in need of organization and is one that should be more closely controlled.

As God requires excellence as a prerequisite of His proof that we love Him, I believe we should also give Him the Glory in actions and deeds, during good and bad times. As we purposefully live for Him, we should be more mindful of his expectations and purpose to fulfill His desire for us. Besides procrastination begets stress and stress can lead to a premature death.

So starting today, I vow to STOP PROGRASTINATING. I will work toward becoming a more organized person who is more closely self controlled in the planning and implementation of all things as they relate to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit’s Will for my life.

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norman said...

As the unofficial, designated spokesman of the as yet to be formed American chapter of the International Association of Underachievers and Procrastinators L.L.C. (Long Live Choice) I applaud your candor and determination. As you are one of the most accomplished people I know, your honesty can be a guide for others who consider themselves successful also and those of us who just need a reminder to tighten up. Each of us can do more to make the world a better place, to show our faith and/or just help when we see a need. Your encouraging words are like seeds in fertile ground to my ears and again I have been engaged by your engaging words.
I shall file this for a future Association meeting which has not yet been scheduled, but I will begin my own quest to better organize myself when I awake on this day because this was a particularly personal one for me.
Peace and Love my Friend and To God Be The Glory