Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Fell in Love Today

I fell in Love today
Not like
Not physical attraction;
But Love :)
I heard his heart and it connected with mine and it was real and pleasurable and felt right
I fell in Love today
It sent chills through my spine and veins and went through the most intimate parts of my body;
But it wasn’t a sexual arousal it was a Spiritual and divine connection
A moment in time that could only come from God
I couldn’t take anymore so I abruptly said STOP!
The truth he spoke was so true it was transparent he spoke words I’ve spoken before
He was in a place I had seen before and it was familiar and I LOVED IT and it was then I knew…I LOVED HIM.

1 comment:

Kenny said...

Feel the same connection. Thank you for allowing me into your life :D